Cindy Garlick

Professional Organizer and Founder, Organize Me!

Cindy Garlick, a professional organizer for over 25 years, is the Founder and Owner of Organize Me! working throughout the Washington DC (WDC) Metropolitan

about Cindy Garlick

Cindy Garlick is a professional organizer and founder of Organize Me! who enhances the lives of clients by designing systems and processes to organize homes and offices. Organize Me! Inc. offers client solutions that are functional, convenient, affordable and pleasing to the eye.

area. Cindy, a passionate professional, is committed to transforming lives, households, and offices through focused analysis and rigorous organization carried out with an infectious fun-loving humor. Cindy’s attitude working with people in homes and offices is summed up with her saying “love-them-through-the-project” which consistently wins clients over to help them succeed – no matter what the size is – big or small.

Her style is centered around “no judgment” and “in order to maintain it you have to live it.”  Her ability to quickly assess a room or project, define a vision, and execute to see final results adds high value to lifestyles, family harmony, and office function. Through Cindy’s extensive experience as a professional organizer, her wide-ranging clientele in the WDC metropolitan area reaches beyond the WDC area and crosses professions, personalities, and projects.

She has a mature and focused experience that helps her understand discreet and confidential relationships.  The range of corporate executives, politicians, doctors, attorneys, working and stay-at-home mothers is beneficial to understanding confidentiality.  Cindy builds trust and confidence knowing these projects change and often transforms lives for the better. Her short term and high impact work product brings clients back wanting more.

Cindy is responsible for a range of services offered through Organize Me! that includes enhancing the lives of clients by designing systems and processes using organizing principles and transferring organizing skills.  She educates clients on organizing solutions that are functional, convenient, affordable and pleasing to the eye.

Cindy is fully bonded and insured. Cindy’s partnerships with other professionals and organizations are a genuine benefit to clients.  She collaborates with a range of charities to ensure things are reused and recycled back into society. In summary, Cindy can be relied upon for either well planned out projects or last-minute, crisis-call projects. Her dedication comes from her passion and her unique talent is her desire to help others enjoy their newly organized lives providing balance between family, friends, and work.