Make Your Closet Your Own – Redesigning Kelly’s Closet

We redesigned Kelly’s closet by: First, we pulled out the big dresser that is now in Kelly’s bedroom. Unless you have a really large walk-in closet, don’t put furniture in your closet. Second, we moved the top bar up six inches so we could hang all the clothes that were on Kelly’s floor. Third, we organized…

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Give Your Bathroom a Face-Lift

Some clients like us to add a little interior decorating to their organizing projects, which we are happy to do. Here is what we did for Kelly’s bathroom: New shower curtain – black and white curtains (cloth) with a black back drop (also cloth) and a plastic liner to accent the bathroom’s lime-green color. Hung two…

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Organizing a bedroom

Organizing Kelly’s Bedroom

Here is Kelly’s bedroom before and after we organized it. If you’re redoing a young adult’s room, don’t be afraid to use bright colors on the walls, in the furniture, and in the accessories. It gives the room a cheerful personality. Before we organized the room, Kelly had jewelry, clothes, and piles of stuff on…

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It is Not Your Mama’s Closet Anymore

A seasonal closet, whether it is spring/summer or fall/winter lets you organize your clothes and accessories so everything you wear the most is easily found and easily put back. Here is how we do it: First, we rip the guts out. We can use contractors to build/customize each closet to get it exactly the way you…

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Upgrading your Closets with a Personal Touch

Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Time to organize your closets. We will start with an older closet that had a straight pole running across the top. Then we will show how you can personalize your closets to meet your clothing/accessory needs.   Here is the closet before the big makeover: Here…

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Organizing Storage Units – First Steps

When organizing a storage unit to get ready for an estate sale or just purging to make room for other items, follow these steps: Remove all items except heavy furniture which should be pushed to the back of the unit or positioned around the walls Unpack all boxes, bins, suitcases, etc Make use of tables,…

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How to get a well-organized Pantry

A well-organized pantry is not only pleasing to the homeowner’s eye, but also keeps the person doing the grocery shopping up-to-date on what items need to be replaced.  Like items are paired together in small to medium bins and canned goods are arranged on expandable tiered shelves.  When an item in the well-organized pantry needs…

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reorganized office

Reorganized Office

Lucy’s redone, reorganized, new office. We used small bins, a used file cabinet, and added recessed lighting to enhance the look and productivity of the space. Bins were purchased for approximately $2.00 each and we used 12.   Bins house all small supplies, including cards (i.e., note, birthday, thank you, etc.) and photos.   Each…

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Cluttered Office before Organize Me came to the rescue

Lucy’s cluttered office before Cindy did her magic and unclutterd and reorganized the office.

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How to Organize your Office

An organized office is open and clutter free which makes the occupant more focused and efficient. Going paperless cuts down on piles of paper and turns the bill paying task into a breeze. Having a specific place for supplies (stamps, stapler, scissors, etc.), minimizes frustration and increases productivity. Make use of a bookcase and filing…

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