We can organize all parts of your house and office.

See how we can get everything in order so you don’t have to worry about it.

Specific services offered are:

  1. Homes
    • Purging before a move or house sale
    • Actual organizing before and after a move (she travels to the next house to set up)
    • Organizes one single room or an entire house
    • Works alone or with interior designers
    • Maximizes space utilization
  2. Closets – all sizes
    • Organize by color
    • Stylize (skirt, pants, dresses, ties, etc…)
    • Closets will look like a department store when completed
    • Purge, discard and donate
  3. Home and Professional Offices
    • Financial and legal organizing
    • Personal and family organizing
    • Make use of color-coded files, binders, and chronological grouping
  4. Basement, attics, garages
    • Make use of clear bins by breaking down cardboard boxes
    • Organize by section, item groupings, seasonal holidays, etc…
    • Purge, discard and donate
  5. Kitchens and pantries
    • Design and create a flow of operations based on family cooking desires
    • Purge, discard and donate
  6. Family rooms and toy areas
    • Design family room and toy area based on age appropriate activities
    • Create environment that is functional and pleasing to the eye
    • Purge, discard and donate
  7. Bedrooms and guest bedrooms
    • Utilize dressers and closets to the fullest capacity
    • Design harmonious and relaxing flow for the rooms
    • Purge, discard and donate
  8. Photographs
    • Album and photograph sorting by family, size, bin or chronological
  9. Consulting
    • Recommends containers and organizing bins for appropriate space and budget
    • Coaching, storage design, clutter control, and time management
    • Advice on purging and decision-making
  10. Going Green
    •  I consult with subject matter experts on the requirements for the project since energy efficiency is not my specialty.
    • Together we create a strategy to satisfy both the green aspect as well as the organizing requirement.