Clutter-free Kitchen

Tips to help your kitchen cook

  1. Purge and declutter counter tops and cabinets

  2. Set items most used (glasses, silverware, dishes) close to the dishwasher to make for easy loading and unloading

  3. Make use of tiers and turn tables in spice and oil and vinegar cabinets or drawers. These cabinets should be located close to the stove

  4. Set up cabinets to reflect your personal preference (baking, pots and pans, casserole, bowls, knife drawer, etc.)

  5. Utensils most often used should be set next to the stove in a container

  6. Appliances that are not used on a daily basis should be kept in a cabinet and housed together

Tips to have a top-shelf pantry

  1. Pantries should be clean, clean, clean!

  2. Make use of tiers and categorize by like items, such as can goods, fruits, soups, pasta

  3. Make use of baskets and turn tables for liquids and bags of dry beans or soup

  4. One of the benefits of a well-organized pantry is cheaper grocery bills because you are only purchasing what has been used and what you need