Organize Closet

how to begin organizing the master bedroom closet

the steps to organize the closet

how the closet will look

use extras to make it work

Tips to organize master bedroom closet

Start with separating all your accessories

1. Belts – organize by color, thickness and size. Put in plastic bins

2. Handbags – place on shelf small to large

3. Scarves – group by color, fold in a rectangle and put in plastic bins

4. Shoes – place left heel out and right heel forward on shelves

 Purge, Purge, Purge!

1. Separate items out by tops, skirts, pants, and by seasons

2. Arrange on like hangers and keep colors, sleeve lengths, textures, etc. together when putting the clothes back into the closet (i.e., shirt wall – zero sleeve to long sleeve, light color to dark color within each category)

3. Make use of bins, belt hangers, shoe racks, plastic dividers, baskets, accessory holders

4. Shoes should be arranged with the left heel out and the right toe forward and light to dark or use hanging plastic shoe holders if short on space